Biological Evolution and the Diversification of Languages


to a seminar called “The Fennoscandian and Finno-Ugric past in the light of genes, languages and cultures” (10-11th of February 2016 at the University of Turku, Finland). The transdisciplinary seminar focuses on the (pre)history of Finland, Fennoscandia and Uralic speaking areas of Eurasia and Siberia. The seminar brings together researchers from different fields in order to teach each other and the audience how the human population history is studied in different fields. Researchers presenting their results include archaeologists, geneticists, ecologists, historical linguistists, historians and experts in studies of chronology. The seminar is held in English and it is open for public.

For estimating the amount of refreshments, we kindly ask you to enroll on this free-of-charge seminar in advance via the link below. Registration is however not compulsory. The seminar is organized by BEDLAN team (Biological Evolution and Diversification of Languages; funded by Kone Foundation) jointly with SUGRIGE team (intiation to study Finno-Ugric ancient genome; funded by Kone Foundation).

Seminar is available also via internet. The presentations will be online until 22nd of February. Not all presentations will be broadcasted.

Link to registration

Link to program

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